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Okay, so I’ve spent the last several weeks debating. Well, truth be told, I’ve always been quite an advocate of home schooling, but it’s always been a sort of romantic notion, quickly put aside when I imagined my poor offspring growing up with my (very narrow) opinions of the world and how it should work. Imagine having only the input of your parents, regardless of the views they hold or the belief systems they live by. Imagine having no counterbalance to the opinions expressed within your home.
Well, this is a moot point since the decision has now been made to register my oldest son in a home schooling programme.
He’s seventeen and I would hope that he has formed some strong opinions on all sorts of things by now. I, myself, was an extremely opinionated young person and my opinions were always, and continue to be, totally diverse to those of my parents. (Oh, and I’m still extremely opinionated. )
So before I get dozens of e-mails about the ills of home schooling and dozens of others saying that it’s the only way because I can then keep a handle on my son’s spiritual life, I want to say that, the decision was not made for religious reasons and it was not a decision that was made easily.
The school system does not work for all kids – in fact, it doesn’t work for most kids – and it has not worked for Kinmond. Forty kids in a class with one teacher does not constitute good education. And while I sympathise with the schools that are forced to work within a system that is so obviously floored, my focus has got to be on the best interests of my child.
After much research and a weighing up of the options available, we took a joint decision, Kinmond, Gordon (that’s my husband) and I, to move forward with the home schooling option.
The programme we will be following is Brainline and what I like about this particular programme is the structure. Feel free to browse their website – try to ignore the occasional spelling and grammar errors, the programme has been put together by an Afrikaans team and the actual content is really good.
So, am I writing this to justify a decision that we’ve made? No, this is purely to put my thought process down on paper and to share with those of you who have expressed an interest, why I haven’t posted for so long.


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